Call for Papers: ASIANetwork Exchange

The Editors of ASIANetwork Exchange: A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts seek submissions for individual articles, Guest Editors, and media/book reviews. 
The ASIANetwork Exchange is the scholarly publication of ASIANetwork, a consortium of 160 liberal arts colleges with Asian Studies programs.  The ASIANetwork Exchange is a peer-reviewed publication, catering primarily to faculty appointed in liberal arts institutions with programs in Asian Studies. The ASIANetwork Exchange seeks to publish current research, as well as high-quality pedagogical essays written by specialists and non-specialists alike.  We are particularly interested in publishing articles that are suitable for incorporation in the undergraduate classroom.  We particularly welcome submissions from promising untenured faculty. Articles are typically 3-5,000 in length to ensure that they can be incorporated intp undergraduate classrooms.
For further information about the journal, please consult the website  The journal is now available electronically and in an open access (no charge) format.  To sumbit articles, guest editorship proposals, media and/or book reviews, simply register as a user of the website and follow the instructions available "Submissions".
Inquiries may also be sent to