South Asia Panel at the AHA

This is to bring your attention to a South Asia panel that might be easily overlooked because the region does not appear in the title of the panel.   This panel was unfortunately scheduled in conflict with the Mughal panels that SAHSA is sponsoring, but these are certainly worthwhile colleagues to support as well!
The panel is No. 246. 
No. 246 Hydrid Encounters:  The Gendered Dynamics of Riacial Mixing in Imperial and Post-Imperial Asia
Chair:  Durba Ghosh
Papers:    Lost Mothers, Temperate Climes, and Anglo-Indian "Homes" - Jayeeta Sharma, University of Toronto
                Some Intimate Histories of Afro-Asian "Solidarity - Antoinette Buton, University of Illinois at Urbana-
                Eurasian Nation:  Essentialism and Hybridity in Cedric Dover's Vision of Pan-Eurasian Unity, Emma
                      Teng, MIT
Comment:  Durba Ghosh