AHA related events for SAHSA members

In order to recognize the first year of the John F. Richards Prize, SAHSA is sponsoring two panels on recent work on Mughal India.  Sessions 230 and 257 are both scheduled for Sunday, January 8 at 8:30 to 10:30 and 11-12:30 respectively.  They will be held in the Marriott Hotel, Belmont Room.  We hope that you all will join us in engaging in a conversation that highlights recent work in Mughal history.
This year SAHSA has also coordinated with both the Conference of Asian Historians (CAH) and the Coordinating Council of Women's Historians (CCWH).  We encourage you to attend Session 230 "Mobility as Subject: Histories of Non-Places" which will feature a paper by Dilip Menon as well as comments by Kate McDonald, Hyun Ok Pak, Kenneth Pomeranz, and Jeremy Prestholdt.  Jointly sponsored by CAH and SAHSA, this session will be held on Friday, Jan 6 from 2:30-4:30 at the Marriott Downtown's O'Hare Room.  Another session cosponsored by CCWH and SAHSA is scheduled for the same time slot.  "Mothers and Infants of a Modern India" features papers by Lisa Trivedi, Priyanka Srivastava, and Barbara Ramusack and a comment by Rahul Nair.  It will be held in the Sheraton Hotel, Ballroom V.
Our business meeting has been scheduled for the Marriott Downtown's O'Hare Room and will begin promptly at 5PM.  Following the SAHSA co-sponsored panels and our business meeting, we will hold a joint mixer with members of CAH in a suite at the Marriott Hotel.  Once the meeting is over SAHSA and CAH invite you to proceed to the mixer at approximately 6pm.  Wine and small bites will be available for a donation at the door of $15 (please bring change!). This is a great opportunity to unwind and socialize with colleagues.  We might even hatch some plans for the meeting in New Orleans.  Please note that because the room for the mixer will not be assigned until Friday morning, the exact location of the mixer will be posted on the door of the Downtown Room at the Marriott and announced at the SAHSA business meeting. 
Michael Dodson, Anne Hardgrove, and I look forward to seeing you in Chicago.