AHA 2013: "Lives, Places, Stories"

Prof. Sumit Guha is serving on the Program Committee for the 2013 AHA to be held in New Orleans, January 3-6, 2013.
The theme for the annual conference, 'Lives, Places, Stories,' may be addressed by proposals that addresses any one of the three concepts; you need not try to cover all three in one panel.  As you may see from the published 'Call for Proposals,' these terms are interpreted widely enought to accommodate a wide range of historical practice. (http://www.historians.org/perspectives/issues/2011/1109/1109ann3.cfm)  Proposals may be South Asia specific or engage one or more of the themes from a comparative perspective.

Deserving proposals that do not seem to fit the conference theme are **still often accepted**, so do not let the theme for the conference discourage you from proposing a panel, roundtable, etc.

Acceptance for complete and organized proposals with diversity among participants is high.  Overall, about 2 out of 3 proposals have been accepted in recent years;  these rates are even higher in fields with fewer proposals e.g. Asian history.

Please feel free to contact Sumit Guha (sguha@history.rutgers.edu) if you would like to discuss ideas or have questions about the process.