Summary of Contributions to the Richards Prize Fund as of January 28, 2010

 Dear Friends, I am pleased to report that as of January 28, 2010, the Richards Prize Fund stands at $19, 450 This figure includes:1) Contributions from 39 individuals (varying between contributions of $2000 and above, to figures under $100): $17, 950  2) Pledge from the Sydney Stern Memorial Trust : $1500  As you know, this is nowhere near the 50K that we need to endow a prize in South Asian History.  On behalf of Sumit Guha, chair of the Richards Prize fund-raising committee, I encourage you to consider making a contribution (of any amount) to the fund.  We would like to involve everyone in this fund-raising venture, and encourage each and every one of you to think of creative ways in which we might raise the funds to support the book prize during these difficult times.  Comments and suggestions? Thank you,Anupama Rao, President SAHSA (for the Board and Ex. Comm)