Frequently Asked Question about the Appeal for John F. Richards Prize

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the goal amount?
The goal amount is $50,000

2. What is the formal structure of the money until it is turned over to the AHA?
Checks will be made out to the AHA and sent to the PO Box on the pledge form. Each pledge will be acknowledged immediately by the Fund-raising Committee chair. As soon as five checks have arrived OR four weeks have elapsed - whichever is sooner, checks will be photocopied and sent Certified mail to Scott Sobelman, Assistant Controller of the AHA which will deposit them in an escrow account managed by the AHA

3. Who are the trustees and how will progress toward the goal be reported to donors?
There is no formal Trust; effectively, the AHA President and Council will be responsible for the administration of the fund. Donors who provide their emails and request updates in the space provided on the pledge form will be periodically notified of progress by email.

4. What is the timetable of deciding whether the goal is met?
There is no time-limit envisaged. We hope to attain the goal by end 2010. As the goal is open-ended, donations will be accumulated towards the eventual institution of the prize.