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Election for VP 2012/President2013

Materials for our three candidates for the position of VP 2012/President 2013 are now available. You may access the candidates CV, as well as a brief statement about their vision for the organization when you log in to the website.
Please take your time reviewing each candidate's materials; you may vote only once. Voting will end on November 8 at 11:45pm.
We are all very fortunate to have three such wonderful candidates, each willing to work on behalf of our field. Please join me in thanking them for their candidacy and wishing them luck!
Sincerely, Lisa Trivedi

SAHSA Business Meeting at Madison 2011

SAHSA members will have the opportunity to gather at the Annual South Asia Conferece in Madison, this Saturday, October 22nd, between 7-8 am  in Parlor Room 607 for a breakfast meeting. This is an open meeting at which breakfast will be available for those who have booked in advance (if you are still interested and would like to sign up please contact me immediately:  Please feel free to bring along colleagues who have not yet joined the organization.  The organization seeks to engage scholars from any discipline; no need to be a historian in order to join.
We have four items of business before us for the meeting: our goals and potential panels for the 2013 AHA in New Orleans,  the election for VP 2012-13 and Pres. 2013-14,  website development, and membership. If you have any concerns you would like to raise, please feel free to contact Michael Dodson and I so that we may work the subject into our meeting.

AHA 2013: "Lives, Places, Stories"

Prof. Sumit Guha is serving on the Program Committee for the 2013 AHA to be held in New Orleans, January 3-6, 2013.
The theme for the annual conference, 'Lives, Places, Stories,' may be addressed by proposals that addresses any one of the three concepts; you need not try to cover all three in one panel.  As you may see from the published 'Call for Proposals,' these terms are interpreted widely enought to accommodate a wide range of historical practice. (  Proposals may be South Asia specific or engage one or more of the themes from a comparative perspective.

Deserving proposals that do not seem to fit the conference theme are **still often accepted**, so do not let the theme for the conference discourage you from proposing a panel, roundtable, etc.

Acceptance for complete and organized proposals with diversity among participants is high.  Overall, about 2 out of 3 proposals have been accepted in recent years;  these rates are even higher in fields with fewer proposals e.g. Asian history.

Please feel free to contact Sumit Guha ( if you would like to discuss ideas or have questions about the process.