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Teaching Resources for South Asian History

At the AHA Meeting this January, I will participate in a roundtable panel on teaching Asian histories for non-specialists. That is, my contribution to the panel will be to make recommendations for teaching strategies and resources for South Asian history to an audience of specialists in other (East and Southeast) Asian histories. Of course I have strategies and resources that I use, but I thought I might draw on the considerable experience of the SAHSA membership in compiling a more complete list that could be made available to the panel's audience.
1. Assuming a non-specialist is likely to teach a one-semester introductory course, what textbook or textbooks would you recommend or do you use?
2. Do you require students to read (and buy) stand-alone primary sources, for example, an edition of _Hind Swaraj_ or other political tracts; modernist novels, short stories, or other belles lettres; _Rg Veda_, _Arthasastra_, or other Sanskrit texts (available through Penguin or elsewhere); travel literature (from translations of al-Biruni's journals to British memoirs of the interwar period).
3. Do you use public-domain digitized resources? These might include entire web sites (; full-text or facsimile reproductions of whole or partial texts; newspaper or journal archives; maps; photographic slides of historical sites or structures?
Thanks in advance for your contributions.